By the time I get to Phoenix

She’ll be rising
By the time I make Albuquerque she’ll be working
By the time I make Oklahoma she’ll be sleeping

According to Google, that’s about 14 and a half hours drive. If we take the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents guideline of a 15 minute break every 2 hours of driving, plus a conservative estimate of 1 hour total for food, that takes us to a total journey time of 17 hours 15 minutes (plus the journey from the departure point to Phoenix, which is unspecified).

Assuming she gets up at a reasonable 8am, Isaacs makes it to Albuquerque between 3 and half 3, when she’s at work, then he’s hitting Oklahoma at about 1am or something like that?

Basically the timeline adds up okay is what I’m saying.


Jimmy Webb seems like a thorough kind of guy so this does not surprise me

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Yes he talks about drive time between the cities on the episode of BBC’s Mastertapes that he’s on. Seems like a fucking good guy.

Roy Orbison drove all night and ‘crept in your room’. I do not condone this sort of thing.

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Was he taking breaks for 15 minutes every couple of hours? Dangerous if not.

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Can I have your best estimate of where Gene Pitney saw a welcoming light and stopped to rest for the night, assuming his calculation of his subsequent journey time was accurate?

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I’ve finished work for the day, and don’t do these calculations on my own time. Maybe tomorrow.

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Would also appreciate an analysis of whether the timeline in Queen’s “39” (based on time dilation and relativity) is accurate, thx


I think we’d need them to confirm the speed that they were travelling at for the year-long journey before we’d be able to gauge what time had passed on earth in their absence. Seems theoretically sound though.

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