Bye x

This isn’t a drama llama attention thing because there are wayyy bigger things to think about rn than some silly bugger leaving a forum.

Just want to say ta-ra.

I think your forum is evolving for the better (which is to be applauded) and sometimes I feel like a crass stupid dinosaur, so it’s probably best to get out the way
and make more room for cooler, smarter, people who can make a positive impact on each others lives.

Thank you for 16 years of shabs, bants and everything in between. Love you all.

(I’m fully aware that if there are any replies to this, they will be of the “goodnight sweet prince”, “dkwya, p”, Willy Wonka meme variety but I had to say it! :blush:)


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“but I had to say it!”
Really? Why?

This is a shame but all the best, sexybum


you’re pretty, pretty darn good people man. we all say shit and feel sheepish sometimes.

hope you consider comin back a bit if it feels possible down the line. until then, continue to zxcvbnm2 as hard as you can yeah


sorry you feel this way pal, hope zxcvbnm3 signs up some time down the line x

We all make mistakes, it’s part of being human.

Would be a shame to see you go. X

Please stay.
If only so we can all enjoy people replying to you and having to call you “sexybum” x


You should evolve with us.


I would love it if you stayed

You’re definitely one of the good ones in my book
Hope to see you back here again one day

I hope this isn’t anything to do with us gently butting heads this morning. fwiw, I’d rather you stayed than left, but you’ve got to do what’s best for you

This is a pity! :slightly_frowning_face: Always been a fun guy in the forum
Best of luck! Hope you come back soon!

Same here

Hope you’re OK mate. Also hope you do decide to come back.

It’s a pity to see you go and i hope you feel able to come back in the future

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