Byron Burgers

They’ve fucked it, haven’t they? Always thought they were growing suspiciously quickly. And they obviously treated their staff like shit.

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A blow for locusts, cockroaches and crickets everywhere.

Would like to think people have boycotted them over shopping immigrants to the feds


I think that the next six months are going to see a huge number of firms go this way.

Byron have kind of been defeated by their own success, really. They eclipsed GBK and Hamburger Union, but ended up helping to kick-start the independent street-food style burger places that flooded the market.

That left just the tourists and they’re all heading to Five Guys if they want to pay more than McDonalds these days.


Everyone just does justeat now innit

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Forgot these existed tbh as last time i went, they didn’t have anything vegan on the menu. Think i had to have a plain salad.

wtf is hamburger union


Fucking travelcard pricks!


Keep telling yourself that

They were trailblazers back in the mid 2000s!

The Byron on Upper St in Islington used to be a Hamburger Union IIRC.

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wow. guess i was still eating bacon double cheeseburgers back then. ironically my burger awakening happened in that exact byron.

I know half a dozen people who stopped going to Byron because of this.

But yeah, there’s so many chains (and loads of decent pubs) that do a similarly decent burger so the market’s totally flooded.



Can’t belive they’ve unionised.


You would too if people kept eating you


Keep telling myself what?

The best thing about Byron is the gelatinous cheesey whatever it is that they put on their cheese fries and you can also get it in the burger if you want

classic bit of marckeeing there

incidentally i had a patty & bun last night and it was fucking great

Think I’ve still only been Byron the once (after they’d become a chain but before London Burger Explosion) and I was incredibly underwhelmed. Just seemed like a Nandos but with burgers.

Think Shake Shack is my chain of choice. Although I guess Bleecker qualifies as a chain now they’ve got more than 1 permanent restaurant, and they’re the best. Either way Byron never got a look in at any point.

Thanks for reading.

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I’ve gone off burgers a bit. Went to the Lord Nelson the other night. Now they do burgers.

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