Byron Burgers

I think that Hamburger Union might have been the first place I ate out after moving to London, just over 10 years ago, following a drunk night out at the academy.

Were these the ones who were shopping their workers to immigration?


Didn’t they rush to open them all over the UK as well? By the time it hit Glasgow there was loads of indie ones, and surely most of them will have shut now too?

Steamed hams but Byron outlets to close in rescue plan.


Yeah it was. Boycott them, boycott all who go to them.

Yeah, though let’s face it the other chains probably just haven’t been caught doing it yet

So what

Hamburger Union was quite smartly done - white tiles and all that. Then it shut down, and Byron reopened it with exposed bricks, pipes all over the walls - everyone was asking “Oh, what was this before? An old warehouse?” “No. We paid thousands of pounds to make it look derelict”.


Did fries come as standard with Byron Burgers? (I’ve never been, not through any high-mindedness, just haven’t…)

Went to a GBK once, paid £12.95 for a ‘big burger’ and assumed it came with fries. Because, y’know, why wouldn’t it come with a side?

It didn’t - they just plopped this soggy heap onto a big plate. I was apoplectic. Drunk and apoplectic.

I’ve no time for anyone that charges that kind of price for a burger and charges you another £4 for fries. Wankers. For that kind of money, I’d want a burger as big as a dinner plate.

Best burger I’ve had recently was in Mabel’s Tavern, just off the Euston Road. That was immense. Simply immense.

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Yeah, this happened to me in the week. Went there as I was recommended their vegan burger (I was on the outskirts of Bristol and had few choices, and the others wanted a “proper” burger) and yeah, what the fuck, £10 a burger with no sides? Get utterly fucked.

Nah, they come as standard at Honest Burgers though


I really want a burger now thanks.

Never been to Byron, doubt I ever would.

I quite like them to be honest. Quite nice selection of beers. Burgers are ok. Rarely that busy.

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Same. Where can i get a good veggie burger in clerkenwell or shoreditch @LME? Bukowski was the best but they closed ;_;

The branch in Oxford is on tourist hellhole street that I try to avoid.

Same, was trying to be healthy, probably going to go and find some chips now, thanks twats

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There was a good article on Open Democracy about the Byron design aesthetic:


I’ll give it a read. Funny that they actually have an image of the Islington branch in that article.


Hence this thread!

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had one burger, had em all