C U T(his) T(uesday)

Roll up, roll up!

The Tuesday thread is in town.

Work and then Dulwich v Hendon for me.

What about for you?

Sunny, isn’t it?

Yeah, feel sorry for @bugduv in his winter coat


Had to park in a different area of the car park because I’m slightly later in than usual.

No problem though.

I need to plan and deliver a class about communication in health and social care settings this afternoon.

This is problem.

Easy! Second session of teaching qualification today, microteaching session is next week :grimacing:

I’m moving house this morning, then flying to the UK and going to watch Oxford (get) hammer(ed by) Bradford.

Working from home today, and then WatchKit Southend at Shrewsbury tonight


Football sponsorship is in a real mess.

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No idea what’s going on with the thread title. Is this the daily thread?

Got a punishing day in the studio today and then said i would work from 7-11 tonight :expressionless: that was a mistake. Gonna be shattered. Coffee and frasier first :coffee: :rofl:

I think i had a dream about @Epimer last night

Work, urgh, struggling with motivation at the moment (hence increased DiS time).

Got free tickets for Craig David in Southampton tonight from Showfilmfirst. Not quite as exciting the free Massive Attack BST tickets last year but should still be fun, TV wanted to go but tickets were £50 on general sale so couldn’t justify it.

What qualification are you doing, Jezza? I did a PTLLS a few years ago and had to do a microteach, too.


It’s the updated PTLLS chief, Level 3 Award in Education and Training as it’s called now. Still have no idea what I’m going to do my microteaching session on. Really need to give it some thought sooner rather than later and hastily put together a PowerPoint presentation over the weekend with lots of star wipes :star_struck:

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LME DiS Meat?

Blandest possible name for that concept. A perfect fit.


Ah, fair enough! I think I did mine on bailiffs :male_detective: (yep, that emoji will do)



Today I will do some work then I will go home and eat some food and watch a television then pursue a personal hobby and/or interest and then I will go to sleep for between six and seven hours.



(really like self titled and the colour and the shape, and bits of there is nothing left to lose)


Had a dream about the ex last night so that’s put me in a shiter of a mood this morning.

Meant to be cycling tonight but the forecast looks pish.

Also procrastinating on stuff.

Grumpy prick this morning, sorry m8s