C U T(his) T(uesday)

This Is A Last Call? Struggling to think of Foo Fighters pun interfaces.

Actually, The Colour and Shape would have a better name.

Big Me on MTV2 :heart_eyes:

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That was the first thing I thought of.

Everlong Island Iced Teas all round.

Best of You? Nobody really calls beer ‘best’ anymore do they.

Would work as a collaboration with Belhaven.

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I HAVE A QUESTION!!! Why do some of us now have a cake emoji next to our username/title??? Theodore?

No idea. You should start a thread on it.

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Thanks eps, finally we’ve made this #content humorous and engaging.

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I think I might actually have some work to do today. Would rather not, tbh.

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Hiya @Im_On_Safari

Morning all. Interview at 12:15. Pretty jittery right now, would much prefer it to have been earlier in the day and over with. Might do something calming like reorganising my records beforehand.

Ooft good luck man! What’s it for?

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Doesn’t even rhyme

Binary Boy has been fucking wi’ us I reckon

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I don’t get the thread title.

Second day :bike: to work

Nothing else to say

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Thanks homie! It’s for a civil service job. I applied back in March and have been through four rounds of the application process before now. Pretty amazed that I got this far!


Really rough few days, baby has has (what we hope is) a cold, ended up taking her to an out of hours GP last night because she seemed to be breathing really heavy and groggy but they basically told us just to keep an eye on her and that she’s still recovering. Hasn’t been an ideal start to her nursery life. Add to that my wife and mum both have doctors appointments today for things I feel surrounded by worries. Not to mention work, where I feel like I’m falling behind, so I don’t feel like I can take time off to deal with it all… bleurgh.

that one where you’re in bed and he flies in through the window?

flies in playing a wicked slap bass solo, yes

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Give 'em Hell DB!

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