C U T(his) T(uesday)

there is nothing left to booze



@ericthefourth @anon64105032

It’s a play on “see you next Tuesday”, which is a sort-of acronym for cunt.

But he’s used “this” not “next”.


OK, fair beans :man_shrugging:

David Grohl

  • Nice man, decent choons
  • Bit of a silly billy but harmless enough
  • The man is a clown and should go away

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Thanks for clearing that one up, ccb :+1:

what has he done to wrong you

Morning all

Not much to report. Everyone is at an away day my boss gave me the go ahead to sack off so it’s quiet in the office. Not planning on doing much work.

Last night I dreamt that they recast Paddy from Emmerdale with Bryan Cranston taking over. It was a pretty good dream.

That is all.

Seems like every week now there’s some new foo fighters viral PR exercise which spams the internet.

Take her for a drink on Tuesday.

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sorry i’m not on facebook

oh hey babes :birthday::cake:

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I have no real thoughts on him… shrugs got any goss?

…well, no thoughts other than sexy @saps being his better looking twin :wink:


Shite music, annoying persona, massive PR machine, vanity tv show, questionable support of antivaxxers at some stage. Just a bit of a tool really.

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he had a tv show?

The Grohls. Exact rip of the Simpsons, but everyone is Dave Grohl.


Yeah, i think it was called dave grohl attempts to insert the foo fighters into the cultural history of various US cities that couldnt slow down.

just thought of this too


:confused: yeah, sounds it.

@saps I haven’t seen your socks for years now. Reveal them to us.

is this some joke that i’m no getting