I spent 10 years living a few miles from Cardiff and yet I only ever had one proper night out there (Metros, natch). Going back for a weekend with the TV sans baby so want to know what’s good - particularly restaurants and bars (ideally craft beer bars). What’s good these days? Does Metros still exist?

Yes! My mate DJs there from time to time

There’s about a gazillion chain restaurants now.

Tiny Rebel is good if you like their beers
The pub across the road (City Arms) is good for beer

I’m done


Tiny Rebel on Womanby Street is good for beer.

I ate at Wahaca on Sunday, really really good Mexican food.

Also have to give a shout out to my old regular cafe Milgi, which went all vegetarian a few years back and do a killer roast dinner, amongst other things.

Can’t answer the rest of it because I’ve not been out there for about 15 years (save for going to Twisted, which has now effectively stopped) but I’m still well jel.

Is the Toucan Club still going? Mrs CCB and I got together there, after months of coyness.

I’ve been there once for my sister’s graduation.

we ate at a sub-par italian restaurant, ate at a nice spanish restaurant, and walked around the city centre a bit. was okay, quite liked it - layout is weird though.

I don’t know if Cardiff will ever deal with the issue of joining up the Bay and the city centre.

Only time I’ve been to Cardiff a drunk man exposed his posterior to me through the window of Pizza Express. I was so taken aback I nearly spilt Parmigiana down my blouse. Suffice to say I’m in no hurry to return.

um when were they not joined ?

I went to a brazilian restaurant and it was a bit like all-you-can-eat meat.

I will formulate an extensive reply tomorrow. Listing many activities you may enjoy on your weekend in the capital. You will have to plan your own itinerary though.

I mean, yes, they are physically linked by roads and pavements, but they’re very separate areas and getting between them is a pain, and that separation is damaging to Cardiff as a whole. I didn’t think that was a controversial opinion? The council have talked for years about developing a monorail or something to try and join them.

not really ever thought of it being a pain tbh. trains are regular and it only takes 15 / 20 minutes to walk. I really don’t think it’s damaging Cardiff though, you said you only really had one night out in 10 years. Are you aware how much the city and the bay has changed in the last 10 years ?! the city is booming !! anyway. gottta run for a train. I’ll link you to some cool places to drink / eat tomorrow… Safe

Oh yeah, I like Cardiff a lot and I’m there a few times a year, it has lots of great stuff, and I like the Bay and the centre, I just feel like it’s a shame that you couldn’t cut out Bute and stick them together.

I visit Cardiff a lot for work and often walk down from the city to the bay at night, I’m probably one of the only people doing that and no wonder, it’s a wee bit of a dodgy area. I’ve never been tempted by the train but I like the idea of a monorail/ tram. (Don’t ask me why that would be different).

Used to live near the worlds greatest off-licence in Cardiff and can highly recommend it for craft beer. Bit of a walk from the city centre though-

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Don’t go to Metros m9


That looks awesome, might not be able to get up there though.

You can literally walk on the wrong side of the tracks and be in a pretty sketchy area, or the other side where they’ve built that “boulevard” that runs to the Red Dragon Centre that’s just wide and empty and lined with crappy-looking apartments.