Cabbage - Ending their career before it's begun


This is very disturbing. I was/am(?) a fan of the band. Saw them live and thought they were decent and had planned to queue up and buy their RSD release (the one DiS reviewed). Now I’m not so sure, feel quite uncomfortable and angry about the whole thing.



A big, proper apology, a pledge to not do this sort of thing ever again, a sizeable donation to the safe space charity, humbly bowing out of the Kasabian tour… what else could they do?


Seems like it’s an act/character that got out of hand - probably due to too much drink. Doesn’t sound like he was actually coming from a sexual place, and I’d guess the guy’s feeling pretty stupid right now.

Obviously what counts is that young girl though. Such a horrible formative experience of live music.

I kinda like(d?) the band and think I’d be willing to move past it if he’d put out a statement (hiding behind that ‘we’ of the band seems weak), owned up, said he went too far, and demonstrably cleaned up his act.

He’s a young guy getting attention for probably the first time in his life. He fucked up, clearly. The statement was his chance to say it was stupidity/inexperience, not malice. He fucked that up too.


The first three.
It would be good to hear from the person who was the victim of whatever exactly happened, as there seems to be disagreement between attendees over whether he had/had not grabbed her in a sexually suggestive manner, but either way that non-apology just puts him in a worse light for me


Taking responsibility for a fuck up’s so difficult, I think. The problem is we all know what it looks like when someone weasels their way out of apology.


Was trying to find the words to say what you’ve just put perfectly. I reckon both ‘Kevin’ and ‘Necroflat in the Palace’ show signs that Cabbage are a really good band in waiting and it’d be a shame if their lead singer doesn’t have the gumption to break character (if it is, and I hope it is) and admit he screwed up (if the accounts are accurate, which support suggests they are).

I do have to question what on earth they’re doing on a Kasabian tour though - is that the audience they’re trying to get to?


whether they are a good band or not is completely irrelevant. And it will be a shame if the Police don’t at the very least speak to him.


The outspoken Manchester thing probably looks interesting to older, more trad bands.

As for Cabbage accepting the gig, I guess they’d be fools not to. Again, goes back to inexperience: the shit they pull in toilet venues with a rabid fan base won’t cut it on a bigger stage with someone else’s crowd. If it wasn’t such a horrible example, it could be an interesting conversation about the growing pains of young bands.


But the fact I think it’s a shame he’s screwed up is relevant, that’s all I was saying.

If it has been reported to the police then I’m sure they will.

(I stopped myself making a rubbish joke about them not being the sort of band to support The Police)

(Oh, no I didn’t)


Not sure what Sting can do about this tbh.


This is all so stupid. They’re doing more damage to themselves not apologising than anything. Clearly multiple audience members have corroborated it.


There seems to be a general trend of people doubling down on inexcusable behaviour rather than just saying sorry.


I don’t think ‘part of the act’ is an excuse. People don’t go to a gig to have piss-covered, sweaty cock hands rubbed in their faces. It shouldn’t have taken a public shaming to figure that one out.


Yeah ^this,

wonder how much of this sort of behaviour was tolerated (by the majority of the audience, not the victim) when performing to a crowd of their fans



Couldn’t imagine Martha doing that, could you?


What a bunch of arseholes.


100% this. Bit uncomfortable with it being described as ‘an act that got a bit out of hand’


Some audiences do, Christ knows why, but not very many and definitely not the current audience of Kasabian. That’s why I couldn’t understand why a band with “an act” were booked for the Kasabian tour.

I’m not condoning his actions, it’s a shitty thing to do.


weird how he denied ever having his hand down his trousers, when multiple people were able to reply with pictures from various other gigs where he’s got his hand down his trousers

really weird thing to do onstage in the first place


Exactly. What an awful, awful band.