Cabbage - Ending their career before it's begun


This is what I was thinking - what a very odd thing to do on stage. Kind of got that image of Vic Reeves on Shooting Stars where he used to start rubbing his thighs in front of Ulrika Jonsson.


Brits seem pretty smart so I’m not sure why your record companies keep signing and promoting bands that are either really stupid like these guys or really bland like Blossoms or Sundara Karma.

Pretty rare a sight to see the likes of Tindersticks or Blur coming up nowadays or even in the 2000s when art college educated bands were very common in the post-Britpop era. Just a bunch of 18-22 year old kids on front covers now.


he stopped wearing joggers as he was getting them pulled down at gigs, so whilst sure there are pics/videos from the early days they don’t apply now
there are plenty of people saying it didn’t happen as reported, but that’s trial by the internet these days isn’t it. people jump to believe anything bad.

hopefully the safe spaces for women at gigs campaign will benefit from the coverage & people will see that the alleged behaviour is not acceptable.


If you watch the video for ‘Dinner Lady’ there is a lot of spitting which nobody needs to see. The singer sat on the toilet wiping his arse which again I don’t want to see and some groping and kissing. The music is equally bad too. How did they get signed?? There must be loads of better bands that deserve a break. I must sound like my dad when we used to watch TOTP in the late 80’s early 90’s but in my opinion the image is bad the music is worse and the behaviour is repulsive. Bye bye bad band.


It baffles me how so many shitty lad rock bands get huge in general tbh


Ummmmmm. Trial by internet has on multiple occasions resulted in those who speak up about sexual assault being ridiculed, shamed and threatened,



I mean there are so many reasons for signings, not least how well a band comes across live and how good they are at managing themselves or having a good manager.

It’s always seemed weird from a pure listening pov I think.


Yup and @hibster2000 he’s definitely not wearing jogging pants or whatever here


Not to defend this particular incident necessarily, but is all this talk of it being a ‘career killer’ a bit over the top and reactionary? When the likes of Iggy Pop do/did this kind of stuff it became legend. If you take it too far, all we get left with is Mumford & Sons.


True. Ok they look and sound terrible.


Yes but it is 2017 not 1977!


Specifically if you stop singers grabbing women, you mean?


Nah, deleted.

Can’t be arsed with you derailing the thread with your bullshit false equivalence and “scare quotes” right-wing stuff.


amazing how some people in this day and age, even in this thread, just really don’t understand the concept of consent

it’s not about nudity or sex it’s about consent ffs


Worrying, as well as amazing.


When the trolled becomes the troll. I thought better of you, Theo.


yes, deeply


In the context of performance, is this sort of “shock” schtick OK?

Marilyn Manson once got his junk out and put it on a security guard’s head, and I’m sure plenty of bands were guilty of worse in rock’s sleazy heyday.

No such thing as bad publicity I guess.


hi CG !


It’s just amazing how everyone’s so concerned with talking about stuff that happened in the past, as if a particular case not being called out at the time for any reason, means it’s not on for any current case to be pulled up.