Cabbage (Kasabian support act) sexual assault claims

Should bands like this immediately deny everything despite eye witness accounts?
They seem like utter, utter fucking shithouses anyway but this seems an especially poor way to deal with these allegations.

They really do seem awful but IF it’s not true (probably is true) not sure how to deal with it. What do you reckon? Think I would freak out and become a recluse.


I’m not going to search for something before posting it am I, but yeah shut it down I guess.

given the amount of people at the gig who have backed up the original accusation I’d say that ‘if’ is small enough to be ignored completely now

Ok so having reread their statement then they are just lying. Just awful.

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yup, not sure how they thought they’d get away with such a cuntish statement given that it happened in a massive room full of people

Cant believe it takes five of them to make that music!


Completely irrelevant.


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Solicitor probably told them not to admit to it or he might get arrested?