Cabin Fever


I’m on day five at working from home and I’m starting to go a little stir crazy. Almost looking forward to going back on Monday.

I think two days WFH and three in would suit me perfectly.

Do you work from home? What is your longest stretch? Do you desire the comfort of strangers?


Did the whole of last week due to the wife being in the US for work. I ended up trying to bake a Victoria Sponge at one point. Burnt the shit out of it.


Theo, I’ve been building shelters in the garden… it’s getting too much for me.

Got a builder coming round at five. I hope I don’t come on too strong.


By about 10am I’m usually on my 4th wank, by 10.30am I’ve usually started talking to myself.


You can show him the sandpit gazebo and compare building notes.


And then both have a wank?


Probably best to avoid wanking altogether.




When I started this job I was 3 days office/2 days WFH. Negotiated it to 4 day week solely in office and think I prefer that overall fwiw tbh tbf…


I never work from home. All the actually stuff I need to work is in the office really.

I have the ability to WFH if needed (and could take stuff home with me I guess) but I’ve never done it.


What are the guidelines for wanking in your office?


What, just put a few books up on your shelves?


We are indeed a wanking office…


I don’t know what you are getting at I’m afraid.




Imagine Bon Iver named his debut album Cabin Fever


Anyone fancy coming round for a wrestle in the garden?


Did a week from home when I was on crutches. Started disliking it after the 2nd day, though that might’ve been different if I was getting out in the evenings


I’ve started “working from home” at a friend’s office. Seems to work quite well: I do a straight 9-5 with a ten minute walk home afterwards, one day a week.
Don’t think I’d like to WFH permanently.