Cacio e pepe is bullshit

I was regularly having pasta with grated cheese on top for dinner at uni and nobody ever said “this is a recipe that sums up the everyday genius of Roman cooking”. Now everyone says that about cacio e pepe and it’s bullshit mate.


I make this dish except I use the yolk of one egg. I make this dish when I am lacking in inspiration for a dinner. It is nice.

Just looked this up. Fully agreed

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Never heard of it. Looks like baby food.

chocolate and pepper?

Even with Really Good Cheese and Freshly Ground Pepper it’s never going to be anything more than fine.

Who’s your fav?

  • Cacio
  • pepe
  • e

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Great calculators.


I agree that the dish you make, which is called carbonara, is nice.

cacio e pepe done well >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> carbonara.

That said a good ragu is top boy

That dish would require bacon or pancetta which I usually do not add

and loads of cream

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Yes, of course. It goes without saying that an authentic and delicious carbonara should be laden with good quality cream.

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My second favourite authentic Italian cuisine after Italian Chicken Pasta


Great song, informative and catchy

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Cacio e pepe bangs hard. Didn’t know it was a “thing” but that doesn’t take away from a good one

It’s no aglio e olio




ur a parmesan wheel


Authentic parmesan comes in a triangle not a wheel

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