a spin-off from @anon5266188’s brilliant thread.

Cacti are fucking shit, why sould anyone want to fill their house with them. Literally no positives to them imo

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I’m looking at some now and they’re making me angry.

I like them obvs cause I am a girl.

I hate them so much. They cause many arguments

I hate the way they don’t need water except they actually do - a very specific and small amount of water and if you forget they DIE and if you give them too much they DIE.

Fucking little shits.


My world would be a much better place if they died, mate


“Ooh they’re so hardy, you barely have to look after them”

Reckon we’ve killed about 12 in a two year period


I have one

I’m not entirely sure it’s even alive. How would I establish this?

throw it down a well


oh that’s easy.

“Oh hi plant! you’re a plant and plants like water right? have some water! in fact have a whole load of water! ALL THE WATER YOU CAN DRINK!!!”
“Who are you talking to dear”
“No-one darling (Suffer PLANT!)”

They’re fine you absolute bunch of weeds.

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Have one on my desk that was given to me as part of an office thing to add more greenery. Think I’ve watered it once in about six months. Seems okay. Not sure though.

They don’t look very good and they stab you occasionally. Not good

Complete bunch of pricks



Nuclear Power?



They look pretty cool imho and it’s really easy to not get stabbed by them if you have the slightest bit of intelligence.

I like the vegetable ‘eggplant’ refers to, but I don’t like it as a word

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You’re wrong twice

one day this post will come back to haunt you, and we will all laugh at you


If you’re going to decorate the place with plants at least pick something that looks or smells nice and doesn’t just sit there like a fuzzy twat