🌵 A thread about house plants 🌵

Get a dog man, you like dogs and it’ll both distract from and destroy any houseplants that happen to slip under the radar.

I love dogs more than pretty much anything on earth but it would be cruel for me to own one currently.

I haven’t said “No houseplants” though, I’ve said “If houseplants should arrive I am not doing any single thing to look after them”

Got annoyed after pricking myself on it repeatedly and threw a cactus in the bin. The realised my girlfriend would be annoyed at this and had to fish it out, pricking myself even more. Fucking hate them


It’s fine
Same as it’s fine to have a cleaner.

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Here’s all my fuckin plants


these are lovely, smee.

do you think you have enough?

i always want more.
might have a quick squizz on gumtree right now

I have a banana plant that I bought for about three quid from Lidl last year. It’s grown really big now and hasn’t taken much looking after. Not sure what I’m going to do when it gets bigger and starts turning into a tree. Bonsai it?

Also have a spider plant which is slowly taking over the living room and constantly needs cutting back. Seems to be pretty much indestructable and doesn’t need watering very often.

That’s too many plants Smee


i’ve just got such a bloody massive house though

Mrs F has more plants than that in our porch.

I am the last person that needs to be told this.

our office has a 3:1 plant:people ratio
pretty good

what u watchin hun?

u ok hun?

edit: you have a very clean and calming looking interior design so I hope that helps

i love the thing you have yr telly on btw

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really want a spider plant so it can take over the world, but someone won’t let me.

Can you please deal with the massive tree that sometimes falls on me in the upstairs bathroom, please? :thinking: