Cadbury's Creme Eggs: how do you eat yours?

  • In a oner
  • Bite the top off and lick out the innards
  • Just take normal bites as if eating an apple (Tory)
  • Nibble it
  • Never bite. Only lick.
  • I don’t eat chocolate (UKIPPER)
  • With cutlery
  • Just pop it straight up my bum
  • Other (describe in thread)

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I like to wolf it down

I dip my chips in it

creme eggs aren’t that good really


Not any more, damn you Kraft!!

get out of my thread

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I don’t eat sickly yellow white slime wrapped in even sicklier cadbury’s chocolate. Cheers.


alright, Billy Ocean


How do you normally eat your sickly yellow white slime then?

nice and topical

finger on the pulse, mate.

On a falafel, obviously.


poach them

Get a load of this knobhead!

Ok here we go. I told this to @moousee once and he was horrified.

Creme egg must be refrigerated
A lick the top for ages until there’s a hole to the creme
Then I suck all the creme out right
It’s got to be totally clear of creme
Now it’s just choc
I then put my tongue right in there and then put my tongue back in my mouth with empty egg attached
I then have the whole egg in my mouth with my tongue right inside ok?
So I just sit there and let it melt
That’s it
The whole process takes about 20 mins and I enjoy it


Worse than me writing code to get more profile hits


This is fine

I lost it at ‘with empty egg attached’. Pure eroticism.

it was the faux scottish accent for me