Cadbury's Starbar

My sister in law bought me a collection of British chocolates for my birthday. In amongst the Curly Wurlys, Crunchies and Wispas is a Starbar. I have never come across this chocolate before? Have you? Is it some weird regionalised chocolates that only Brummies have or have I just lived a sheltered life?

Please regale me with humorous anecdotes about chocolate bars, especially Starbars.

Starbar is one of my favourites


Heart attack in a packet, but bloody delicious.

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One of the lesser bars in terms of commonality but one of the most underrated tbh. Could go a star bar right now thanks.

Where abouts are you and what is your typical chocolate bar?

Was briefly rebadged as a Peanut Boost. Hands down my favourite bar.

it’s everywhere and has been for quite some time. just hardly ever see anyone buy it. quite nice though when you remember it exists.


Bourneville isn’t vegan is it, so silly.
Fry’s though. Love a Fry’s.

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One of my favourites. I almost bought one yesterday and then inexplicably withdrew my hand. You have shown me the error of my ways. I also enjoy a boost. I used to have a Texan every Friday when I was a kid and my dad made a run to the offie.

starbar is not bad, though for me the crunchie is in cadbury’s top 2 or 3. i don’t even like honeycomb but goddamn is that some nice honeycomb.

I feel ashamed at my chocolate ignorance, but looking forward to eating it. Will report back.

I don’t remember ever seeing one before. Do you work for their advertising department? Because now I’ll be looking out for them, won’t I?

starbar here, isn’t it

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kind of looks like the bisected artery of an extremely heavy smoker tbqh


Jay Z’s laugh

I like starbars. Underated along with picnic, lion and topics.

Picnics so aren’t underrated, they are pretty shit. Agree with your other choices doe

white chocolate lion

  • purrfect
  • grrross
  • prefer kit kats

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Is this a real thing? Or are you pulling my pud?


looks like the calcified fat deposits pulled from the gallbladder of a bariatric patient tbqh. tastes quite nice tho, imho.