I say C3PO which my wife (who has never watched SW) has a go at me for saying.

Or northerners who say caravan.

I mean do what the fuck you like but have you got any cadence complaints or comments?

I like the word cadence

And it likes you.


i think everyone in the world says micro wave but one of my pals says MIcrowave

I know someone who says carrier bag in a weird way but I am unable to express it in type. Please accept this to be true.

  • Contra-versy
  • Con-trovercy

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it is pronounced C3PO though right?

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Said “It’s C3PO, and that’s the official line” /
All we need is just a little cadence

  • BUMhole
  • BumHOLE

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Or do I pronounce it as a flat c3po and that is wrong.

I’m too confused!

ANOTHER cycling thread?!


well your mate Luke calls him 3PO so I’m going off that

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I don’t like how Americans pronounce fish and chips.

they stress fish

it’s abhorrent

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fission chips



sorry, have a nice morning if you can

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he says toffee crisp weird too but i cant type that one

like toffeecrisp instead of toffee crisp

  • Sweet and SOUR chicken
  • Sweet and sour CHICKen
  • Beef in black bean sauce

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As in most matters in life I defer to Prince on this issue.