Caecilius est in horto


Grumio omnes ancillas delectat.

I saw an ad the other day for that new Benedict Cumberbatch superhero film, and the villain appeared to be called Caecilius, which made me laugh.

Also they’re selling the Cambridge Latin Course for iPads on iTunes now, for if you have too much time on your hands and want to plod through until you get to the bits where everyone starts bumping each other off.


Bit highbrow for this inner London comp student, I’m afraid.

(My friend’s catholic mum once got directions on holiday in Italy via the medium of a conversation in Latin with a priest.)


Just standing there, not going anywhere?


You’ll start reminding everyone of the nasty scene where the dog dies.

How many school textbooks just rampantly continually kill off characters like that?



Jude legis, sicut in Papa!


Good old Caecilius. We had to do latin in school, i took to it like a duck to water somehow, was dreadful at all other languages.


Metella in atrio sedet.

I have a pencil somewhere with this on.


Posh wanker!


Don’t be ridiculous.


fucking prole


I was quite shocked when the volcano errupted. although given it was set in pompeii.


At university the Footlights did “Spartacus: the Panto” with a whole section devoted to jokes about the Cambridge Latin course, which I’d never heard of before. Everyone else in the audience was braying in laughter like they were having fits. I’d never felt so out of place there.


That’s Dr Prole With A 1 In Standard Grade Latin to you, pal!





It’s weird when you think back to how it used to be a fixture in the Boxing Day tv schedules.


Never did latin at school, obviously, but I do like that the the word ‘circummingo’ exists.


I didn’t get this, but Googled it. Yep, went to a comprehensive and didn’t study Latin

I guess the nearest equivalent I can think of is how all the families in French textbooks came from La Rochelle. All the families in our French textbooks also had genitalia crudely drawn on them by generations of bored teenagers.


You can catch up on iTunes now.