Cafe bans children under 5. Anyone care?



Up to them if they want to be dicks, you’d hope that people would stop going because they’re dicks and that they go out of business though.


If there are other cafes in the town, then I don’t really have a problem with this - it’s like have the Quiet Carriage on a train, really.


seems odd given how much weekday business at cafes is driven by non-working parents, but obviously it’s completely fine and no different to a pub not allowing kids in the daytime and shouldn’t be news


Speaking as a parent…

I couldn’t give a shit


it’s completely different to a pub not allowing kids. Pubs serve booze.


I wonder how they are going to enforce it. “excuse me mate, you got ID”


It’ll be interesting contrasting peoples opinions on this to those in the train thread.


How come they’re allowed to ban under 5s? You don’t get to chose to be young.


Café near me has banned baby buggies citing fire regulations and has nowhere outside for buggies to stand so has effectively achieved the exact same end without pissing anyone off



I think many cafés manage to effectively ban children from their premises by acting as cunts to parents. You soon work out where you’re welcome and where you’re not.





This opens up a gap in the market for a cafe that exclusively caters to under 5s. Kids are wealthy these days, and addicted to caffeine.


good point well made


What difference does that make?


this was the point my elipsis was trying to make, fyi


Some 5 year olds are right little shits. They probably want to up that age limit a bit.


I dont think its a wise move but I do understand it. When working in a pub we used to get gaggles of mothers who would come and sip on a mineral water for about an hour and a half while there kids ran wild or cried in the pram. In essence they took up alot of time and space and didn’t spend much money. This wasn’t too bad for us as we were generally empty at the time they came, so not missing out on other clients but I can imagine for a cafe that would be different.


I thought he meant over 25 pubs.