The last couple of days I’ve been feeling very sleepy and needing a nap. I could easily sleep right now but I have a lot to get through and then I have a 4 hour drive. I’m not on coffeebook and normally if I had a lot of caffeine at this time of day I would struggle to get to sleep. What else can I take (legally) that will give me some energy but not impede me getting to sleep this evening?

Thanks in advance :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

other brands of glucose tablet are available

also, stay hydrated


Nuts, maybe?

(Cue joke about record collections)

i wonder simply drink a coffee


Four pack of Boosts


Get some fresh air, walk round the block to get heart moving a bit more

Eat bananas - or just have a coffee

Super Glucose Laelfy

… sounds like an anime show

Bingo, thanks!

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I definitely get a placebo caffeine effect from rooibus tea too

A banana.

Gotta get that bananergy.


Nuts are quite a good source of protein and I find them quite good for general energy levels (more so than sugar, which just gives me an artificial peak).

Nuts is also the name of a lads’ mag.

Someone off here (TheBeautifulOnes?) once described DiSers as “Nuts readers with record collections” and it’s been a DiSism since.

Bananas, showers, glasses of water all work for me.

Ok so I need to go for a walk, have a shower, get some glucose tablets, eat some boasts and two bananas - I’ll be exhausted by the end of that!

Thanks all

irn bru 32

/ can of monster

obviously wouldn’t touch either myself, would have a coffee like a normal person

What’s irn bru 32?

Want to stay away from energy drinks because of the no sleeping thing.

Never heard of it. Don’t think it’s for me - I tried some pre-workout supplement thing the other day and I was still wide awake at 3am. I need my stimulants mild.

Drink plenty of water. Should wake you up a bit.

tbf think they stopped selling it about 10 years ago but they have a new energy version now