Caitlin Rose - New album 2022

I absolutely loved “Own Side Now” but then she seemed to disappear.

Delighted she’s got a new album out in November

The two singles released from it so far both seem promising:


I saw her on that tour at the now dearly departed Captains Rest in Glasgow and she was incredible live.

Hoping for a UK tour in support of the new record!

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The Stand In is amazing too

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I’d totally forgotten about it but remember being really underwhelmed by it when it first came out.

Will go back and give it another go.

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Hope she tours over here again - she’s really great live

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It’s got Only A Clown on it which is her BEST song, IMO. It’s a great album

Own Side Now is such a great album - nice that she is back

Made me think of Oh Sussana too - what a lovely song this is

Aye this is much better than I remember it being…

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Nice little interview here. Seems to imply William Tyler plays on the new album? That’s cool.

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Tomorrow! I kinda forgot it was coming

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23 - Bristol @ Fleece
24 - Manchester @ Deaf Institute
25 - Leeds @ Brudenell
26 - Glasgow @ Stereo
28 - London @ EartH

Small london gig at brixton windmill September 5