Cake day! Cake day!



It’s cake day!

Two years since the bulk of us moved over from the old site. What a fun two years that has been.

What are you doing to celebrate Cake Day! today?


It’s one of my workmate’s birthday and they’ve brought in literal cake.




Is this the daily thread?

Still have a shitty cold, but sneezing rate had decreased a bit

Working from home today thank god, going to book my flights for a work trip to phoenix in November.

Might go for drinks at 4 with a couple of friends/ ex workmates, but have a phone 121 with my boss at 4:30. Think I can get away with doing it from the pub


I’m going to GO TO WORK!




going to work

I am actually drawing names for this too (SPOILERS for GBBO!!!)


Posting to see if there is a cake by my name




oh yeah sorry

although according to my timeline, someone was chucked out then brought back in hahah


There is, kind of disappointed I didn’t even try and resist signing up for a day


Pretty sure I didn’t sign up straight away

Edit: conspiracy


Pretty wacky that.


I don’t think today is my Cake Day.

Apparently I’m wrong.


Aw, whatever guys, don’t want cake anyway (:sob:)




To clarify this was offer of cake, not mocking your lack of cake


Just how I roll!

Tell you what though, Unlucks my ol’ mucker… I’m going to LEAVE EARLY too!




To clarify this was mocking your lack of cake, not an offer of cake