Cake or biscuit?



You can only have one for the rest of your life.

Which is it to be?

  • Cake
  • Biscuit

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Chat encouraged.


Voted biscuit but the truth is I just don’t know…


I really don’t want to commit, sorry.


I love cake, but I reckon I could live without it due to the variety of biscuits that are available.


Should be no chat.


I’m sorry but the rules say you have to.


Voted cake, and it wasn’t even that difficult a decision.


I’d probably go for cake. I think I enjoy biscuits more but cake situations come up more than biscuit ones so to lead a full life I have to go for cake.




You can eat biscuits every day I reckon but daily cake seems a bit… indulgent? Though I have cake probably every day so idk.




Got to be biscuit, can’t dip a cake in a cup of tea.


Not with that attitude


Biscuits are fundamentally quite boring and only the people who bang on about them are Brexit to the core.


eat more biscuits but feel i would miss cake more


mentioned this before but i just cba with cake at all


My favourite biscuit is Choco-Liebniz, call me Brexit now, dickhead


Pie is probably better than both.


Practically a chocolate bar.


Only a real goober would choose cake here.


This is complete fucking nonsense but I know you know that