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Other cake chat welcomed




Fashion Nugget


I went for chocolate but I also love coffee and walnut innit.


voted carrot over chocolate. think this might be a sign i’m getting old.


would also entertain: coffee, cheese



Made a nice rhubarb and custard cake the other day.

Top tip: chuck a small snack pot of custard into your Victoria sponge mix - makes the sponge really moist.


has anyone ever watched cake wars? it’s ridiculous


I’d have had you down as a Victoria sponge traditionalist Ant I am impressed


Why? I’m a free-spirited wildcard with a heart of gold but also I have a real edge to me. Why would you think I’d be a Victoria sponge traditionalist?


Love a lemon cake, me (drizzle or sandwich, either’s good)


you voted ‘not tory’ for wimbledon


That’s only because I like it, it’s obviously tory as fuck. I went last year and was sat between a fucking pilot and some home counties middle-aged pisshead tory lady that kept actually talking to me about her country home.


I made an elderflower and key lime pie the other day which was beautiful but I couldn’t eat more than a few bites :crying_cat_face:



I’m going to Lords on Thursday and will probably need some sort of wide brimmed hat to make sure Tories are removed from my peripheral vision, not optimistic about it.



Beer of choice too, perfect


That sounds wonderful. Coconut and lime is my go-to flavour but always open to new suggestions.