Saw that Cake announced a European tour. I have a soft spot for the band, but it’s been a long time since they’ve released anything good (it’s been a long time since they released anything at all, tbf) yet they seem to regularly be on tour.

Anyone here going to any of the dates?

Have always enjoyed these guys. Actually enjoyed their last release tbh tbf. Number one on the US album chart too - the lowest ever selling release at that time to do so :sunglasses: Went to their An Evening With Cake show at The Troxy on the tour which was ridiculously good fun - highlight was them doing a quiz where the winner won a cherry tree.

Nice typo in ^that tour flyer to. Brixton/Bristol - basically the same place…

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Not sure this thread is going the distance tbh


I like Cake - but they are not coming to Brighton and I don’t like them enough to travel to London, so no

Always preferred Soul Coughing.

I was there too! I remember that quiz with the cherry tree bit being very weird


Really wanted to win that cherry tree :rage:

One of those bands I struggle to be objective with because I’ve been listening to them for so long.

I think they’re great personally, the sort of music I put on when I need something to soothe my mind.

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New single and new album on the way

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I liked their last one but it had this kinda weird kinda crushed/compressed lo quality sound to the hi-hats and cymbals which annoyed me. Made everything sound like it had been downloaded from Napsta.

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