Anyone else been following the eviction of refugees in Calais over the last few days?

Almost 100 unaccompanied children were turned away from the registration warehouse yesterday afternoon (along with hundreds of adults) hours before the scheduled closing time, with no explanation, nowhere to go and no offer of any assistance. They were forced to sleep rough either beside the warehouse, in the remains of the camp or under a bridge, with only volunteers looking after them. Absolutely appalling that this situation could be allowed to happen.

Then this morning, no-one turned up to open the registration desks and the police started to arrest those without a registration wristband. Apparently anyone left in the area after 2pm today will be arrested, including children, despite little information and no help offered by the authorities. From what I heard, they were not planning to send any busses to pick up the remaining refugees either but thankfully that seems to have changed.

I just can’t understand how it’s got to this point, with such a criminal lack of organisation and compassion from the British and French governments. So upsetting that no-one in power seems to be doing anything about this at all.



I’ve got a friend who is a medical professional. She used to regularly go with a charity and give people in the camp vaccinations and basic healthcare. Even a few months ago, they started banning them from going there/dismantling the makeshift clinic the charity were using, like they considered having some basic healthcare was too much of an “incentive”.


Just saw a video of children being arrested - including some that had wristbands on.

Looks like absolutely no one has got a fucking clue what’s going on


The incentive thing. Urgh.

My girlfriend’s been volunteering in Calais for the last month with a charity, she’s sent a steady stream of distressing updates over the last few weeks but today’s was particularly heartbreaking.


I think history is going to judge the UK and France pretty harshly for letting this happen on their doorstep, and being more interested in posturing about being “tough” with immigration rules than helping people.


too depressing to watch - which is pretty pathetic, but it’s just too shit - and i have no idea what the solution is


Not only this, but instead of giving vulnerable people the benefit of the doubt in all this confusion and trying to help, the authorities just seem to be giving people a hard time instead.


To be honest I try and not think about it, because when I do I feel incredibly sad and angry at the whole thing.

This will probably be remembered as one of the big shames of our generation, and it seems like a lot of people have only even acknowledged it’s happening because Gary Lineker got involved. Can’t believe that compassion is so hard to come by in post Brexit Britain.


it’s pretty scary seeing people (family members in my case too) suddenly become these cold hard people who go on about “scroungers” and “taking advantage” who never used to be like that, and probably haven’t thought about it that much, but are just going along with the tide.


i feel like theres a kindof unhelpful mix of apathy, but also hopelessness, from people about the issue. Sure there is a lack of compassion, but i think there’s a great deal of us who are just ‘head in the sand, this is too awful’ - sort of reaction




This has really upset me too. My grandparents lap up everything they read in the Daily Mail etc, and having any kind of conversation with them about the refugee crisis is now just pointless as they have no interest in hearing the other side of the story.

My gf set up a fundraising page when she went over, and her Dad dithered over making a donation for weeks making all kinds of excuses. Eventually, he sent a text saying he couldn’t bring himself to give her any money because he didn’t want to ‘fund the people trying to break into my country’. Jesus wept.


Yeah, my grandparents are the same. Obviously not comparable to Calais but they asked my wife last time we saw them if they’d “had any trouble from those junior doctors” at the hospital she works at. Like they hadn’t even contemplated that she might be in favour of the strikes. They obvs voted Brexit.


I’ve got a friend who has one Syrian parent, but it isn’t obvious to people, because their name doesn’t strike people as being obviously arabic. So they have to put up with people talking all this crap, and then when they say “err, you know I’m Syrian too, and have extended family members still stuck there, right?” people go all silent and evasive and “oh I don’t mean you, I meant them, over there” and get increasingly uncomfortable when they say “actually you did mean my relatives”.


LOL. The strikes only went ahead because of the near-unanimous support from them across the NHS - wouldn’t have even been strikes had consultants/surgeons etc. not agreed to cover.


It’s remarkable and very saddening how easily manipulated people are on this issue. The Sun in the space of a year went from “cockroaches, let them drown” to “Look at this poor Syrian child who drowned, we must help them” to “they’re dodgy and Gary Lineker is a cunt for sticking up for them” and a worrying number of people have swallowed it. It’s deeply dispiriting, especially when it comes to the welfare of vulnerable children.


My older sister has gone full Daily Mail lately. I don’t know where it came from, as she used to be nice.

I’ve had medical problems this year, and was on and off sick leave earlier this year, stuck at home and feeling pretty gloomy and broke, and she had the cheek to say to me “oh it must be nice to be ill, I’d love to be ill and not have to go to work” and “I don’t think you deserve to get any benefits, it’s all just scrounging” while boasting about how she’s going on an expensive holiday. She has a reasonably well paid job (as does her partner), and owns a house, yet felt hard done and like I was cheating her somehow by the fact that I was getting measly statutory sick pay and just about managing to pay the rent on a shared flat with no living room.

Needless to say, our relationship is definitely not the same any more.


Word. It was revelatory to them that a junior doctor could be in their 30s. And revelatory how much junior doctors earn. And revelatory that there might be statistical bias in surgery outcomes at weekends because routine stuff isn’t scheduled for the weekend. These are intelligent people, just fed a bunch of nonsense. Eugh.