Calendar 2023 thread

Let’s see January then

As always Bryony Jackson over here, this month: her neighbours horses


Cat calendar from the same artist I got a cat calendar from last year


Might make a collage out of last year’s because I can’t just throw these away

Should probably credit them: LevysFriends - Etsy UK

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This innit

had one of their calendars every year for the past 8yrs. They’re lovely things.

Ok time for me to lower the tone


Pretty lazy* calendar picking this year. Just sat on the couch and spent 5 minutes on Jeff’s evil overlord consumer app.

Last year I had a classic. Goats in Trees.

The bird one goes well with the binoculars I got from Santa.

and the Smokey Bear one was inspired by the fact we sold a ton of SB pins just before Christmas. This one will be hanging in our work area/studio.

*Me and the Mrs Peb used make a trip to a mall to pick out calendars from one of those stalls that sell only calendars.

Tits :handshake: calendars