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Is your local chippy:

  • a) a chip shop which sells chips, battered fish, and maybe Pukka pies
  • b) a Chinese, which also does great fish & chips
  • c) a Kebab shop (not that I agree with calling this a chippy)
  • d) some weird hybrid that sells both fish and kebabs
  • e) other

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Dunno, probably the worst of the generic takeaway food options.


Sorry, this was a very silly thing to say.

It’s definitely the worst one.


It’s basically a fish restaurant with chippy seating. Slightly strange but goddamn the mussels/oysters/squid.

Oh, apparently it’s an ‘alternative fish bar’.


It’s pretty good though, tbf.


As long as you don’t order the kebab.


Yeah I went there once in a reasonably advanced state of refreshment and ate an awful lot of fish. Would do again.

  • Chippy tea
  • Fish and chip dinner
  • Fish supper
  • Other

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You know where’s shit? Coast.

Might have closed actually.


Good reply.


Fish kebab?




It’s a chippy that also does pizza


what are you on about? my nearest chippy is a chippy?

those other things are not chippies. my nearest shop sells kitchens, is that my nearest chippy? it is not.


Unless it sells kitchens AND chippy style chips.


Never been. Permanently closed, apparently.


not everywhere that sells chips is a chippy. a chippy is a chippy

mcdonalds isn’t a chippy.


It was shit.

Well, it was just standard fish and chips with a token lobster option, so more boring than anything.


Certainly someone is chippy in here :tipping_hand_woman:


McDonalds doesn’t sell chippy style chips. It sells fries, as do most kebab shops, KFC and so on.