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Is your local chippy:

  • a) a chip shop which sells chips, battered fish, and maybe Pukka pies
  • b) a Chinese, which also does great fish & chips
  • c) a Kebab shop (not that I agree with calling this a chippy)
  • d) some weird hybrid that sells both fish and kebabs
  • e) other

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Dunno, probably the worst of the generic takeaway food options.

Sorry, this was a very silly thing to say.

It’s definitely the worst one.

It’s basically a fish restaurant with chippy seating. Slightly strange but goddamn the mussels/oysters/squid.

Oh, apparently it’s an ‘alternative fish bar’.

It’s pretty good though, tbf.

As long as you don’t order the kebab.

Yeah I went there once in a reasonably advanced state of refreshment and ate an awful lot of fish. Would do again.

  • Chippy tea
  • Fish and chip dinner
  • Fish supper
  • Other

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You know where’s shit? Coast.

Might have closed actually.

Good reply.

Fish kebab?


It’s a chippy that also does pizza

what are you on about? my nearest chippy is a chippy?

those other things are not chippies. my nearest shop sells kitchens, is that my nearest chippy? it is not.

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Unless it sells kitchens AND chippy style chips.

Never been. Permanently closed, apparently.

not everywhere that sells chips is a chippy. a chippy is a chippy

mcdonalds isn’t a chippy.

It was shit.

Well, it was just standard fish and chips with a token lobster option, so more boring than anything.

Certainly someone is chippy in here :tipping_hand_woman:

McDonalds doesn’t sell chippy style chips. It sells fries, as do most kebab shops, KFC and so on.