Call this Tuesday?

A thread for Tuesday things

Short first post just in case anyone else was making the Tuesday thread.

Anyway, a decent night’s sleep despite the rain, and nothing terribly exciting to tell, but you need a daily thread don’t you?

I’m already in a webinar :sleeping:

Current presenter has an absolutely textbook beautiful French accent though, so that’s helping. Just prounced “engines” as “ahn-jeens”


Morning all

I was going to go into Cambridge but I’ve sacked it off and am WFHing instead. Actually slept really well last night (other than waking up screaming because of a dream about a giant spider on my face).

Going to the football tonight so that should be fun. I like a bit of Tuesday night football.


Weather is trash, so I’ve commandeered the car for the day so I can go and visit my nan for her birthday.

Was contemplating standing at the side of the road and watching a bike race go past but as above, the weather is trash, so probably not.

Morning everyone! I’m having a tea in bed. Slept well last night, which is nice. Not looking forward to today as I’ve got my annual career dev talk and Im not ambitious enough. Also, it’s my first DiS birthday! :cake:



So spotty atm, someone please degrease me

Good morning, planning a trip to the seaside this weekend, if I can find a cheap train ticket. I haven’t been to the seaside in October since that heatwave in 2013, quite excited to go :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


One of the last things that happened in my dream before I woke up this morning was Jeremy Corbyn saying “Ha! Obscure Muppets?”


Feel rough. Debating calling in sick but then I think of all the work that needs doing by an unmovable deadline and the endless emails and guess I’ll just plod on like a fucking hero!/pathetic capitalist cog

Gotta go into t’office and unpleased about that

Going fishing before work. Woke GF up by accident, she’s not happy.

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Not today, Satan

Wonder what it must feel like to not wake up angry?


I mean the arts is dominated by people from private schools though isn’t it?


Will finally get to go to bed after 27hrs awake. Gonna be so nice

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Got a job alert last night at 11.40 for my dream job, deadline to apply was midnight (google was at fault here not the listing which must have been up longer)

I did what I could in 20 minutes and emailed them to ask if it was a mistake but they’ve got back to me to say it wasn’t and they can’t override the automated system. Waaaaaa. Was nearly an LME there and not poor and happy (they have got another role coming up soon that looks decent though so patiently waiting for that listing to go up).


Good thing about being by myself at work is that no one can see I’ve got bean juice on my shirt

@Hostile_17 can we have an abolition thread on home ownership one day?

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