Calling parents of friends by their first names


feels a bit weird, this. started calling one of my friend’s folks by their first names ever since I added them on Fb, because their names are right there and I can’t just say nothing like I used to.

feels like there should be a word that means “friend’s mum”? same for dad, obviously.


Do we make mum jokes on the new forum?


Link to binning in jokes thread


what about people who call their own parents by their first names


The only reason I dont scream out your mothers name during intercourse is because I’m polite.


all sociopaths.


thank you mrs incandenza

yes please mr incandenza


What about patents who refer to each other as mum and dad?


we parents call all fellow parents either mum or dad


or the children of sociopaths? or because they were raised this way they become sociopaths?


I don’t understand. What else would you call your friends’ parents?


your mum jokes deffo binned off. umlaut and ohgood are pretty much filling the empty space with jokes about everyone’s mums back in the old board.


I have never called my dad anything other than his first name.


best to ask @Epimer about those kinds of things


oh yeah you’re hippy offspring. my wife is the same.


When i was about 14 I heard my mates mum thought I was great. Next time she dropped me home I made sure I said “later mrs M” to her as I got out of the car and she then thought I was better than her own son from that point.


No I’m not, not at all.


Still fondly remember on Facebook when @Stealthy made a ‘your mum’ joke on @Xylopwn’s page and then Xylo’s mum rolled in and quietly threatened to have him vanished if he made that mistake again.


To children, sure. But do you say, “mum, that sure was a lovely roast chicken dinner” to your kid’s mother?


as he says, just nothing. i don’t do this but i know what he means.