Calling people on the phone

Do you call people or text/whatsapp them



only really ever call people if I want something and don’t want to sit around waiting for a response

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Appropriate, hate talking on the phone

Mysterious answer here

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only person I’ll ever call is my mum

don’t have a problem talking on the phone or anything. will happily phone the bank or whatever just prefer text

Hate it and think I have a bit of a phobia. Unless it’s my mum

This is interesting. Do you feel like you can get the message out better? I guess it avoids awkwardness over whether something was meant as a joke, for instance.

Opposite for me, express myself much better in writing. I talk too fast and my brain can’t keep up

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Sounds like me. My tang gets toungled up as they say.

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Love WhatApp ing. I think it is more fun than talking on the phone

Love sending some random gif to a routine social enquiry. Love getting “???” back as a reply from normie pals.

Prefer a text.

Used to have a bit of a phobia of making phonecalls. True story. Stammered like fuck. Used to have basically start talking when it was ringing so i was mid-flow when the person answered. Horrible.


Call my parents and my brother otherwise I use WhatsApp. Don’t have any hang ups about calling people, just seem to have moved beyond the age of spending hours on the phone chatting. Do miss those days a bit of lying on your bed hungover and having a gossip on the phone about last nights events.

text always. got one pal who always calls me out of the blue and often at really inopportune moments and it does my head in. get a pure pang of anxiety when my phone starts ringing.


I hate texting so much (I never got a smart phone so it takes forever and is death on my wrists) and I’m thoroughly awful and terrified on the phone. Two of many reasons why my social circle consists solely of my wife.