Calling time on certain social media sites

Not that I’ve ever actually used it mind.

This, so much this, Facebook as a form of interaction may well be less relevant but Facebook as a platform for advertising and authentication is as relevant as ever. It’s highly unlikely the huge number of apps and services that allow authentication through Facebook are likely to rescind this any time soon.


Yeah it wasn’t meant to be a literal question FFS!:grinning:

Meant more in “tree falls in the woods” way

Ah, I see

Still, it was a point worth making

Yeah.TBH jus assumed everyone knew they owned loads of other Social Media. Don’t think they necessarily will fail in the real sense. Even if Facebook goes the way of MySpace they’ll be like Amazon, supplying the webspace infrastructure to other SM that replaces it.

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Alfred Hitchcock


the ads have got horrendous but i still find it the most mercifully free of other bullshit. get rid of stories and cut down on the ads and it’d be great.

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Non-chronological timeline

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What’s the benefit to Facebook and Instagram for doing this? Literally makes me use them less.

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there must be something but no idea. never heard of any user that thinks it makes things better either.

The only version of this that I find useful is twitter’s ‘things you might have missed’ section- useful to give you the highlights but otherwise keeps things chronological. Whenever I go on Facebook I end up seeing things from days ago that I’ve already looked at. Pretty infuriating.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Strava does it.

It allows them to filter feeds and push adverts. It creates a hierarchy of posts that they can then prevent others from seeing unless money or engagement is forthcoming.


the worst one is instagram since i don’t check it that much, i’ll be like oh that’s a nice photo… like… oh shit that was from a week ago, they’re going to think i’m mental


Using twitter through anything other than a third-party app is almost impossible now, especially since they’ve effectively merged the functions of retweet and like.

The bad news there is that Twitter are making API changes in the summer that will start to cripple third party app functionality. Notifications and real-time streaming will go immediately.

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I don’t mind that so much, as sometimes the liked posts throws up tweets or tweeters I wouldn’t have ordinarily known about. Twitters definitely the least bad of the bunch.

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