Calling your bf/gf/husband/wife, your partner in heterosexual relationships


Something is kicking off on Twitter.

Some people saying it’s fine to use.
Some people saying it’s wrong cause it’s covering up your bf/gfs gender or something I dunno

You ever call them your partner?
Do you have a strong opinion on this?


My opinion is call them whatever you want to call them


This is definitely what I would do to anyone who tried to tell me what to call my partner.


Is that opinion strong?



Calling Mike my boyfriend feels childish to me personally given we’ve been together for… nearly 15 years.


Almost always refer to my girlfriend as my partner. The word girlfriend seems quite juvenile in comparison and I’m trying my best to appear proper. Also why do people need to know a gender? Or marital status?



Got told I couldn’t say bird now I can’t say partner. This country


It is firm


Just imagining having the energy to care about this sort of thing is making me feel very, very tired.


I don’t really understand what the issue people have with it is?


But you’re appropriating queer culture.

(is the argument)


surely being gender neutral is as respectful as you can possibly be?

Don’t get how anyone can have a problem with this.


My partner wife get’s pissed off if I say partner. Usually by accident I might add. Something about being married being too big of a commitment to fall under that term. Seems fair enough. Have been trying to stop myself from using it.

  • Partner
  • Boo
  • Hub hub
  • Wiffles
  • spouse
  • Better half
  • Other (specify)
  • Their Name

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but she is my partner


at the risk of sounding like a grumpy and out of touch old man, this feels a bit ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’

lots of people understandably feel that ‘boyfriend’/‘girlfriend’ are a bit demeaning/teenage/whatever. ‘partner’ has always struck me as good alternative, which is also a better description of a long-term and mutually supportive relationship, regardless of the genders and identities of those involved.

plus it can be a good way to annoy homophobes.


yeah i call my partner my partner. i’m not covering up his gender, as it’s hard to mention him without using a pronoun at some point (as evidenced by this sentence). given that, it’s hard to see how it’s appropriating queer culture tbh


First wife


I get told off for forgetting to say fiancée sometimes