Calling your bf/gf/husband/wife, your partner in heterosexual relationships


I HATED using that word. Think that’s why I started using partner and that’s why I struggled to get out of the habit.

No I’m not. Is the counterargument.

Partner just doesn’t have the same ring to it when said in the Borat voice, so I use wife.


you forgot ‘the boss’

I refused to use the f word. What a stupid thing it is.

This is totally fine, innit. I would ask if someone had a ‘partner’ precisely to keep out assumptions.

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I’ve starting using partner sometimes as I’ve got older and in more formal settings like at work.

Sometimes I now call her my ex-gf when we’re meeting new people just to wind her up.

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I’d definitely say use a wild west cowboy appropriated accent for partner for a real kick

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My wife like papa Lazarou is the way to go


going to do this… TO OWN THE LIBS

yeah i particularly use it at work. being maybe a little bit young looking, the most junior person in my department and not someone who goes in for what would be considered ‘dressing my age’, i’m not really keen to make myself sound any younger.

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always feel like I’m right on the very outer edge when it comes to things kicking off on twitter.

yesterday it was Bigfoot Porn.

usually call her "the current mrs fitzcarraldo" which i’m sure we can all agree is hilarious patter


“this is my fucking partner”


Went to my parents house on Sunday and an indian movie called ‘Partner’ was on in the background, based on the Hollywood movie ‘Hitch’, but with Bollywood nuttiness

Was only dipping in and out, but fuck me was it insane/ terrible/amazing. Some of the songs are just…

Yeah, I thought that the person who said this the other day pretty much got laughed out of town and the debate was over already.

I say girlfriend or partner, and there’s no real logic to which I’ll use. Girlfriend seems a bit flightly for someone that I’ve been in a relationship with for nearly a decade; partner sounds a bit too middle-aged.

Live-in lover or life partner, for me

If you are equals then you could be considered partners, I suppose. If one of you is the boss then you’re not partners.