Calorie Counters Anonymous (CCA)

Anyone do this? I’m boring enough to have started doing it again and I’m shocked by the results. I’ve already had 77% of my recommended intake of saturated fats for the day?!?! :scream: and I only have around 800 calories left for the day if I’m being good. JFC.

Use any apps or are you just some kind of food maven?

Dunno what else to say.

here’s a poll

  • I use an app
  • I’m some kind of food maven
  • I do not do this
  • Something about ‘don’t worry about it and just enjoy what you eat!!’

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Is a maven a male raven?

What are female ravens called? Favens?


doing a lot of thinking this morning


I have done it, I am not currently doing it, I am thinking about doing it again

I’ve now lost all confidence that maven is a word.

Used to use an app but just keep a tally in my head now, also know the calories of practically everything I eat regularly off by heart

Still obese


I just roughly read the bits on the packet, usually just the fat as percentage of yr daily amount


I did it for a while using My Fitness Pal and lost a fair bit of weight but it’s no way to live really is it. Losing the impetus to want to lose weight is probably the recipe to a more healthy lifestyle in general.


would love to hear you roughly reading

I’m available


Yeah I did My Fitness Pal alongside my wife in solidarity for a while but even though I asked to stay the same weight I lost weight and TBH I wasn’t convinced that was very healthy for me.

My issue isn’t calories, it’s that I eat too much sugar but I have no willpower so it’s all a bit fucked really.

Just roughly track it in my head (some days)

Is this what a maven does?

I think you have to have pretty decent knowledge to be a maven but i’ll let you be the judge

As someone with the metabolism of a slug, I’m pretty anal about this I have to admit. I keep a running total in my head throughout the day, usually aiming for around 3000 on gym days. I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s just second nature now.

another pal of my fitness, here

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I’m a/the maven of reading food packets.

Should i change to being a pal of fitness from nutracheck?


  • pricks
  • actually somehow good

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not so much the calories I’ve been interested in - think its good to see that you’re not getting enough of a certain vitamin too.

stopped using it ages ago but might get back on board in October :steam_locomotive:

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