Calorie Counting Apps

Anyone use one of these? Anyone dead against them?

Let’s have a heated debate!*

I’ve been fairly calorie blind for most of my life (probably like most men) but middle age brings many pleasures and one of these is additional padding.

Initially I was horrified and dispirited at how much it looked like I was going to have to deny myself but that seems to have passed. It feels like a game now and I’m really enjoying the balancing act and seeing what treats I can factor in.

I’m only two days in, how long does it stay fun?

(* let’s not)

I’ve used that MyFitnessPal one.

I consume loads of calories in an average day in order to feel full, it seems.


used it for a while but you soon learn to estimate things for yourself. should probably get back on it because i’ve been piling on the beef recently.

MyFitnessPal was very good when I used it. I keep telling myself to redownload it and get back on it, maybe I will now

This is the one that I’m using.

Do it, we can be MyFitnessPal pals.


I’mma get on it next Monday after I resume my running on Sunday.

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don’t get the social bit of it at all. why do i want everyone else to know how many cakes i’m eating?


Yeah, I’m not publishing anything. At least I don’t think I am.

yeah I use that one too, trying to stay below 1500 calories a day atm.

Alcohol appears to be tricky.

I’d never given much of this stuff any thought before.

I was shocked by how many were in my bread roll.

(Yes, I know this isn’t news to most people and that this is yet more privilege - I had no idea).

Not for me thanks.

On Sunday I read that each of the jam tarts of eaten contained 400 calories. I’d eaten 10.


Maybe I should try this. God knows I need to try something.

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yeah plus beer makes you want snacks as well, it’s probably the absolute worst thing to have.

Weed has no calories but makes me want to eat whole bags of Haribo.

I know there’s nothing worse than someone evangelising on their second day of using something but this does actually look sustainable.

yeah not good for getting anything done really. Just drink coffee instead.

I use the calorie counting function on the Fitbit app on and off, it helped me lose a fair bit of weight when I was using it daily and running a lot but it’s too depressing doing it while I’m injured and can’t run.

I said the same thing on my second fast day doing the 5/2 diet :wink:

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I only smoke occasionally with my housemate and always mid-evening when I know I’m doing nothing else. I never want it to be something that’s a regular part of my life. But I guess a lot of people say that.

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