Camden - Booze and Food

Morning All.

Does anyone have any suggestions for pre-gig drinks and casual food? I’m there for Saturday’s Hold Steady and don’t want to end up in Weatherspoons.
Preferable not Brew Dog please :wink:

Thank you

Black Heart is my go to on the rare times I’m up that way.


Another vote for Black Heart

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I’m there this evening for Oneohtrix Point Never at The Roundhouse :+1:

Camden can be annoyingly duff for both options - too much lowest common denominator tourist chain stuff. That said, if you like Greek food there are a trio of very good options:

Band Of Burgers is decent for, well, burgers:

Asakusa is good for cheap Japanese:

For pubs, the ^above mentioned Black Heart is good. If your tastes are even more metal, then The Devonshire Arms is your friend:

The former Wetherspoons in Camden is now actually an independent, The Monarch, which is decent enough but will inevitably be charging for some crappy band on a Saturday…

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Vegan pizza place on parkway is :ok_hand: for some reason i like hanging out in the hawley arms if i’m on the high street but you cant really beat the world’s end or black heart for the true camden experience.

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The dev <3


Brilliant, thank you for the all suggestions. Black Heart sounds good.

Can’t wait for the gig.

Edit: Meant to reply to you all. :heart:

Reckon we should do a DiS camden metal night tbh


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