📸 Post ONE photo from each country you've visited


It might be nice?

Doesn’t have to be the nicest photo, just so long as it is ONE (get tae fuck with any ‘i couldn’t decide between these two’ shite). England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland count as separate countries okay?

I’ll get us started with the first country I ever visited, ‘England’.


Here’s Somaliland!


Dampier Peninsula, as part of our 4WD trip from Broome to Darwin in Australia


Isle of Skye, Scotland


Croatia (Dubrovnik in the distance)


Manchester, UK


Jigokudani, Japan (the best day of my life)









Took this when we went to Spain a few years ago for a wedding. I really like the lighting and there’s a genuine sense of movement in the shot as well.

We hired a car in Madrid and drove the venue which was in the middle of the countryside near Zaragoza. It was in this abandoned Monestary and was an astonishing place for someone to get married.


Also Slovakia


Yeah that’s a great shot


err, London


[posts a photo of England and Wales respectively]



Brno town hall, Czech Republic


Pyongyang Zoo, North Korea

This stupid bear thought I was going throw some food down to him. Wrong mate, I just wanted to take a photo to get likes on the internet’s premier indie music and depression-based forum.


What brought you to Libya?


Hong Kong. Didn’t take many photos of the city itself cause it was so fucking smoggy but I enjoyed stumbling into some of the green spaces tucked away amongst all these huge skyscrapers.