Camera Obscura general appreciation thread


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I’d say that Camera Obscura are in my top 5 most-listened-to bands over the last 5-10 years. Their formula is pretty simple but they nail it time and time again.

I hope they are able at some stage to get back in the studio after losing Carey :frowning:

Post Camera Obscura videos, favourite songs etc etc here :slight_smile:


Really love Let’s Get Out of This Country and My Maudlin Career, but thought the last album was rather disappointing.


I was thinking about Camera Obscura the other day since I heard Tracyanne Campbell on a PSB track the other day…it’s not bad I guess.


I liked their early stuff. Their debut single (I think) Your Sound is fantastic and loved their debut album too. I’ve seen them live many many times over the years. They were always an uncomfortable band to watch as they all seemed to suffer from stage fright but oddly that added to their appeal as they all seemed like nice people. Such a shame that they lost their band member. Best of wishes to them.