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I need help and know nothing
Basically I’m looking for a compact camera that can shoot at a wide aperture without loosing sharpness and a lens that starts around 25/35mm. Also it would need a flip out screen and generally be practical to carry everywhere. Don’t mind if it has a fixed lens as long as it can do the stuff I said, and most of all it needs to be fairly affordable (<£500) because I also would like to get a lens for my dlsr (looking for a used sigma 35mm which is so bloody expensive). Any advice would be great even if it’s to say that I probably won’t find a camera like this. Have been looking at reviews and stuff and think the Panasonic lx10 looks alright but it’s not even weather sealed and I’m clumsy/in the rain a lot


I love my fuji 100s as a “keep it in my bag at all times” kind of camera

May not fulfill all your criteria though


I’ve been thinking getting one of them for ages, or an X100t. Look like great cameras.


Did you buy it?

That one I linked is now sold.


I didn’t! I want to have a play with one before I buy. Want to see what they’re like in low light in particular.


All I can say is I had a compact Panasonic about 6 or 7 years ago that had a 15x zoom and it was a very very good camera for what it did. Consistently took nice shots and the lack of viewfinder was never an issue.


Another shout for X100T, might be cheaper now that the X100F has come out. I have one and it’s a really great camera, I love using it.


Here’s some pics I took with it. Low light is pretty good (with the iso cranked)


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These are really selling it.

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haha stupid internet


Oh - they’re NICE.


What did you end up getting? I’ve been looking for a camera, on and off, for years. Never seem to get very far.

Decided the x100 might not be quite right, so have been looking at the Lumix GX80. Gets decent reviews, and I quite like the Lumix camera I have at the moment. Anyone know much about them? Is getting a micro four thirds cameras a bad idea?


Haven’t got one yet! I ended up getting a super takumar lens for my dslr and a contraption that links my SD card to my phone so I can edit photos quickly which is my answer to a good camera with Wi-Fi :sweat_smile: I really want this, but ££££££