In this thread we’ll share what we own/have owned that is camo.

I once had a desert camo jacket because I saw John Squire wearing one and thought it looked cool.

Pretty sure that’s the only camo clothing I’ve ever owned.

How about you? Anyone a camo regular? Anyone got a camo bedspread? Anyone want to make that joke about wanting some camo trousers but not being able to find them?



got nothing to give in this thread apart from


Owned a dromedary once.


had some camo shorts but could never find them!!!1111!!! LOL


I had a camo patterned pair of trousers that were purple. No idea what terrain that was for. Perhaps for blending into an acid trip.

Also had a couple of pairs of ridiculously oversized urban camo trousers. Nu metal was a hell of a drug.


Who said that?


Saw a red camo Merc the other day. Was hideous and glorious in equal measure. Like this:



Lovely photo, would be nicer if there was a car in the shot imo


Nothing, ever.