Did you lose it next to a TV that wasn’t tuned in?


I can’t actually remember the last time I tuned a TV or witnessed a not tuned in TV

it’s just not a thing anymore is it, like kids not knowing what a video cassette is


Surely camouflaging a car is a very dangerous thing to do?


Millennials with their avocado toast and pre-tuned tellies. They’ll never understand what we fought in the war for.


Dart flights purchased in St Austell in 1983.


never had anything with camo on it.

People in camo can be quite intimidating


Pretty sure i have never owned any camo, and with good reason


see if you can spot my camo here


all my camo clothes came from Par Market.


Oh wow. What sort of horrific accident did you suffer to lose your feet? Sorry, man.



For the classy gentlemen who doesn’t want to stand out.