Camp Bestival 2017



Anyone going? Anyone been previously?

Taking our four year old this year after a successful festival initiation at Latitude last year. Am expecting Camp Bestival to be even more stereotypically white and middle class, so that’s something to look forward to.

The fancy dress theme is Pop Stars & Rock Stars this year - the TV is planning on going as Poly Styrene and my daughter rocks a mean miniature Courtney Love look at the best of times. I’m thinking of going as PJ Harvey - nothing odd about that right?

Fairly family friendly line up unsurprisingly, but I am stupidly excited about seeing Madness headline the Saturday night preceded by Holly Johnson. Oh, and Mister Tumble natch.

Anyone got any tips? Weather forecast could do with chipping up a bit :grimacing:


Are big fish little fish a Reel Big Fish tribute?


Sure, Warny, why not…