About a fortnight late with this thread after the Met Gala’ s theme of camp. Nobody was actually able to define camp very well beforehand as it is quite a slippery concept. Do you anything you would perceive to be camp in your life?

I would say drinking a tin of M&S vodka soda on a train can be Camp -depending on the destination - , as would Celia Imrie walking a saluki, which admittedly I have never seen.


thought this thread was going to be about tents



I have the feeling this thread could go very bad very quickly

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I did think that initially, but there’s no reason why it needs to. Camp is supposed to be fun!


I love Kenneth Williams. He seems to be the epitome of camp for me.


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Love your work


like to dance around the house when im using the feather duster.

is that the right kind of thing?

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I like John Waters definition in the Simpsons when he calls it the ludicrously tragic or the tragically ludicrous


Went camping one night with cubs, it was about 2 miles from my house and it was raining and I cried a lot and my mum had to come and collect me and take me home before the night was through.

Got to go potholing though