Camping/festivals packing thread

i am currently packing to go to boomtown festival and would like your advice

what do you always forget to take to festivals?

what’s the best food to leave in a tent for a few days then eat for breakfast when hungover as hell?


weather forecast is for it to be dry the entire time which is lovely


Raw meat.



Bog roll
Wet wipes
Black bin liners / plastic bags
Some sort of cereal bar
Crappy juice (the kind that doesn’t need to be refrigerated)

It’s been fucking ages since I went to a camping festival.

All this plus;

Brioche rolls

i figured this would be the answer i got from lots of people on here!

Take pringles - they have so many different uses. They can store your drugs, delicious crisps, AND then you can piss in the tube when you’ve finished the contents.

  • Some form of torch/lantern thing that is brighter than your phone
  • External battery to charge phone
  • A hat - for if it’s sunny/rainy/your hair sticks together in one crust edged mass…
  • the torch should be a headtorch, so you can use it hands free.

i’ve got a wind up torch, not hands free but it won’t die on me

A hotel booking.


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Bog roll, bin bags, wipes, suncream, lots of socks, proper decent boots (not wellies), waterproof coat. I usually don’t take a pillow to save space then regret it.

Cans of food that can be eaten cold, those horrific sausages and beans in tins etc. Just get it down you.

Beer. Tactical car parking if possible to allow returns. I used to just ignore the wardens when going to Reading to park alongside all the camping, I think it has changed now.

Plastic bottle x2

  • The first to have a large capacity, wide rim and secure lid. This is for pissing in when you’re in your tent in the morning/night. The biggest Copella ones used to be good for this, until they narrowed the rim diameter
  • The second to have a squirty-type cap. This will replace toilet paper through the weekend. Fill with water before entering a bog and use to spraywash your arsehole. Works a treat.

I always take individual juice boxes of juice (for brekky drinks) and chocolate brioches (the kind that are individually wrapped)

If I have access to a camping stove those pouches of things like chilli or stew are pretty good - maybe bung in some tinned new potatoes or that rice that comes pre cooked in pouches - pouches are a good call all round as they weigh much less than cans

wads of johnnies for all the sex i’d be having

Fucking hell.


always used to take a pillow. even if i had to strap it to myself with bungees to carry it (fortunately this only happened once). always well worth it

Its more environmentally friendly if you think about it. Your damp pants soon dry.

Don’t forget your tux :wink: