Camping/festivals packing thread

For many reasons I don’t want to get into, I just can’t see this being a good alternative to using loo roll.


Just don’t fly easyJet to a festival, they’ll make you strap it to your head for boarding the plane.

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when I went to Farm festival a few weeks ago, I made some falafels and tooks some hoummyhummhummusous to dip them in. I also made some flapjacks too. oooh and while getting odds and sods from Tekkas beforehand, I also found a big tub of reduced olives. All of these turned out to be good snack food.

just been looking at videos of people resealing plastic bottles as a possible way to bring extra booze in

the official limit is 7 litres of cider/beer in cans

that’s not enough for a fucking 4 day festival, it’s probably just about enough for day one plus breakfast on day two


pfft, count yourself lucky. Festival i’m going to this weekend has:

Ah yes, the Glasgow bidet

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I usually buy a five litre box of red wine and then take the silver bag out of the box - makes it very easy to pack, and if necessary conceal. Pro tip, they can be reinflated once empty and used as a pillow.

Fuck taking beer/cider to a festival - too heavy and you spend half the festival pissing…


Apples and Bananas as well. I’m a fan of something like Pork Scratchings or Peperami as a camping snack too as the protein in them stops you going hungry.

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True and that’s a good tip. I couldn’t handle a weekend on the vino though, beers for me Clive.

If you see Jem tell him he’s a prick.

i know a few performers so could get them to mention this on stage to be sure he hears?

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Do you really think I’d offer this advice on DiS without thoroughly proving it first?

That would be amazing :laughing:

Pringles are an Essential Item: They always ends up with me dying for a piss at 6am, pouring out half the pack of pringles I haven’t eaten, pissing in the tube (nail-bitingly close to the top!), eating said pringles in those inevitable two minutes of periodically waking in a tent and waking up being like “where’s my pringles?” Said piss tube then doesn’t get emptied until the Monday morning.

Proving you have a shitty arse while walking round for three days without showering? I put nothing past Dissers tbh.

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he’s not going to Alex James middle class fest mate. All he needs is lucozade and crisps to help the terrible come down in the morning.

pringles tubes are cardboard. How the hell can they hold piss for three days without leaking all over your tent ?

Apples and bananas get all squashed and horrible in the heat after a few days though. Was at a festival this weekend though and someone bringing bananas provided us with a good half hour of laughs as a guy revealed he could peel a banana without using his hands and proceeded to demonstrate this with great difficulty

I dunno. But they do. Guessing it’s some sort of durable cardboard though? And, once I’ve used them, I tend to stick them down the side of the tent/in the porch bit until it’s time to clean up and things are pretty damp anyway.