Camping meal ideas (for lazy cooks)

Going to have a camp fire with a big pot over it, and some little hobs too I think.

What are some meals I can cook that are simple, veggie and don’t involve loads of clearing up. And cheap is a given.

But I’m guessing fridge storage is an issue too so need to make fresh every night rather than a big stew thing to keep as leftovers.

First two days until the food shopping is delivered it’ll be pot noodles ofc as sod getting to the middle of nowhere without a car with food but here’s the place where my groceries will be coming from, tell me I shouldn’t just get all the cheese

When you go camping you’re supposed to eat Smash i think

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pasta and pesto

daal (lentils and curry powder and onion and coconut milk basically) with some sort of flatbread or naan

if you can be arsed to chop veg then fajitas (el paso kits) are good too

whatever you cook don’t forget to take salt
if all else fails just drown it in salt and it’ll be fine


I dont add salt to anything but I do get through an insane amount of black pepper

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Pasta salads


Could make a load of curries quite easily with that setup. Most of them are just banging the right stuff in at the right time. Get your ground spices mixed at home and put into tubs. Could warm shop bought rotis in a dry pan.

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For desert do Jamaica ginger cake and custard


Wrap up some spuds in loadsafoil and cook them on the embers?

You could also do new pots, peppers, garlic, onions etc like this with some olive oil, that’s nice, just remember LOTS of layers of foil

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One of all time favourite desserts

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No, I bought it from the shop! :rofl:


My idiot child doesn’t like them

If you’re staying in the same campsite every night, most places will let you leave ice blocks for cool bags in their freezer, so you don’t have to buy food fresh every day.

We used to take two sets of blocks and a collapsible cool bag, and swap the blocks out in the morning and the evening.

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I’m not going shopping for food every day, it’s literally near nothing and I don’t drive. We’re getting the once a day bus there on day 1 and back again on day 7. So need to plan a bit ans I’m rubbish at planning.

(There’s some shared fridge space for the shopping, just not sure there’s much for cooked stuff etc too)

In my head the only acceptable camping meal is baked beans. Just a big pot of that in the middle that you occasionally stir and serve up to people joining the campfire. Maybe you’d say ‘room for one more, partner’, and you have to wear a cowboy hat


Prep a veggie chili and do a pot of rice next to it maybe?

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Not sure of a definite idea but I’d be making something with chickpeas and maybe some crusty bread or go with it?

I always feel way hungrier when camping or spending all day outdoors, so anything is going to go down well

smoke some weed then everything will taste good

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For anything that needs stiring or turning, chop sticks are great, as they are super easy to clean on the fly.

I guess this does assume you have a cleaning fly on you, too :smirk:

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