Camping meal ideas (for lazy cooks)

I want this now.

3 bean chilli. As simple as whacking in tinned beans of your choice, tinned tomatoes, spices and simmer. Cous cous is easier to prepare than rice, or something like flatbreads.

Places like Home Bargains do these pouches of cooked potatoes that keep on a shelf, just need a fry to warm through and crisp up. Add eggs for a quick frittata.

Pouches of daal to use as a base to add veggies to, or make from scratch from lentils.

Always have spices, various sachets of sauce (nicked from pubs, mainly) and chilli sauce no matter what


A cool bag will keep it chilled for hours, not days

Not worth the risk

I’ve got a camping cookbook by Annie Bell which is pretty good, some of the recipes are a bit of a stretch for any normal camping trip, but I reckon there are a few recipes that would fit what you’re after

I was camping last weekend with people who were eating meat they’d cooked the day before and hadn’t refrigerated, was kinda gross given how hot it was

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The Merchant Gourmet ones are nice too (despite probably being a bit ‘Brits at it’)

Thai curry paste, couple of tins of coconut milk, some bags or tins of chopped veg.

Bake sweet potatoes on the embers and eat with hummus and chili sauce (to taste).

Tins of soup and bolster with whatever you have.

Just remembered the last time we went camping we did slices of aubergine, courgette, pepper and halloumi grilled over the fire pit to go in burgers and they were even better in pittas the next day with a bit of perinaise

I’m not normally big on asparagus but it does really well on the barbecue


I’m going camping next week and this thread has got me dead excited :blush:

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I just use tins and pouches of stew and the like when I do that kind of camping

You can get quite nice stews and then add extra tinned potatoes and veg, heat it all through in a single pot

Easy, no stress

And sachets of instant porridge for breakfast

Had a think about this and would probably just take a load of MDMA instead.

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