Camping Thread


I need to buy a tent big enough to accomodate 2 adults and 2 kids. Plus all the junk that goes with a camping trip.

Give me your tent buying / camping advice here. Any general camping disasters / hilarious anecdotes welcome.


One time I went camping and it was a bit rubbish so I didn’t do it again the end.


o - cooee!


cool story bro


Tents are great these days.

I had an old canvas fucker with about a million poles that was a total ballache to put up. The new ones are a doddle.

Good luck in your camping endeavours.


You would not believe how much mileage I get out of it at dinner parties, let me tell you.


I’ve done loads of camping with my family - so you’d think I’d be an expert - but nothing really comes to mind right now so…

Have a great time!


Not cheap though are they. Anything from £250 up to a £1k. Who spends a grand on a tent ?


Is this the wedding expenses thread now?


Always get a bigger birth than the number of people using it. If there’s 3 of you, get at least a 4 birther.

Other than that, I’ve got nothing.


Choose newspaper in case there’s no kindling for the fire. Choose something to light the fire with. Choose firelighters in case the wood is stubborn. Choose strong alcohol to spit over the fire and feel like a big man. Rum makes the best flame, I’ve found. Chose loo roll.

Choose Imodium.


I went camping the other week and one of the lads said he had a tent I could borrow and cos I was going on the train and he’d bring it in his car.

Turns out it was one of those mountain ones which is essentially a thin sleeping bag and I looked a right tit in this campsite with a tiny tiny tent that you had to crawl out of. Did have a laugh pretending I was a butterfly one morning though.

Would echo the point above about buying a bigger tent than you strictly need.


have you nothing about tents ?


Can’t go camping because it plays havoc with my blood pressure, it’s really in tents!



I’d add that if you’re going on a family holiday it’s also a good idea to get a tent with a porch area that you can use in addition to the sleeping bit. It’s good for storing bulky items and it will rain at some point. Even if you’re going out every day, the extra space is very useful for breakfast if it’s tipping it down.

Also, get a tent with a separate flysheet/inner. You’ll have issues with condensation if you don’t.


We keep getting asked by various relatives / friends etc if we fancy joining them camping. Personally, the idea of taking two young children camping fills me with dread, but they all go on about how much fun it is.


Really like camping but haven’t done it in years. It’s a bit difficult if you don’t have a car tbh.

Might try camping by bike sometime in the summer. We have a really lightweight 3 person tent (only really suitable for 2).


yeah I have my reservations. It’s gonna be maximum 2 night weekend trips for us. Sod spending a week in a tent. I’m not a scout (anymore)


No way would I take quadruplets camping.


got a decent two man berghaus one in the blacks sale for under £100. don’t have much to add… we were carrying all our stuff with us in the Alps so didn’t take much beyond that and a couple of foam mats.